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Render a timeline* of your skills during your lifetime as a developer
Put into your blog, show to your friends, colleagues, even put into your CV, I don't know... I've just created the tool, I don't necessarily know what the people will do with it :)
If you Sign in with Github then you'll be able to have your own developer skill stream URL like https://skillstream.dev/<your-github-username>

Input here the information of what tech/language and the period (don't need to be precise) that you have used it during your lifetime as a developer

How does your timeline look like? :)

*Before anybody asks: yes this a Gantt chart :P ... and I would have purchased timeline.dev if it was cheap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'll add more techs/langs over time... I based this list on github's supported langs/techs so that I get the colors "right"
Last but not least, this website, at the moment, looks much better on bigger screens...